Staff list for EFC

The Stanley Foundation
209 Iowa Avenue
Muscatine, IA 52761
Phone: 563·264·1500
Fax: 563·264·0864

Jennifer Davies is currently a program associate for the EFC program. She is working on several projects involving Cuba and Vietnam.

Sherry Gray is coordinator of the EFC program. She is currently the program officer working on projects with China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Vietnam.

James Henderson is the program coordinator for Euro-Atlantic Initiatives and is currently coordinating projects on US-Russia relations and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Phone: 563·264·6869

Michael Kraig is the co-coordinator for the Ballistic Missile Defense series and is currently developing projects under the Regional Approaches to Proliferation Prevention (RAPP) program of the Stanley Foundation.
Phone: 563·264·6853