Middle East Security in the Near and Long Term

Regional Approaches to Proliferation Prevention
October 25-27, 2001
Warrenton, Virginia

US Challenges and Choices in the Gulf

Congressional Briefing Series
Washington, DC

The End of Dual Containment:
Iraq, Iran, and Smart Sanctions

Policy Review Workshop
June 3-5, 2000, Washington, DC

Iran's Foreign Policy Under the Khatami Administration

Emerging from Conflict Conference
September 3-5, 2000, Kyoto, Japan
Co-organized by the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA)
and The Stanley Foundation in cooperation with the Islamic Area Studies Project (IAS)

Meeting on Cultural Dialogue in Tokyo

Emerging from Conflict Conference
November 18-20, 1999, Yokohama, Japan
Sponsored by Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA),
Tokyo, Japan, and The Stanley Foundation, Muscatine, Iowa, USA

US Relations With Iran and Iraq: Convergence and Contention in the Persian Gulf

Thirty-Ninth Strategy for Peace Conference
October 29-31, 1998, Warrenton, Virginia