Cuba and the United States in the World: Understanding the Practice of International Sanctions

Emerging From Conflict Conference
March 29-April 1, 2001
Seabrook Island, South Carolina

Conference Schedule and Agenda

Thursday, March 29

Reception and dinner on-site at Seabrook Resort

Friday, March 30

Session I: Historical Background and Theory of Sanctions Policies

Chair: Raymond Duvall
Presenter: Gabriel Pérez Tarrau
Presenter: Audie Klotz

Session II: Sanctions Against Cuba

Chair: Gabriel Pérez Tarrau
Presenter: Michael Erisman
Presenter: José A. Aguilar Trujillo

Saturday, March 31

Session III: Sanctions Against Iraq

Chair: James Rosenau
Presenter: Luis Mesa Delmonte
Presenter: Marcella David

Session IV: The Legality/Illegality of Sanctions Policies

Chair: Roberto Gonzalez Gomez
Presenter: Richard Garfield
Presenter: Olga Chamero Trias