Cuba and the United States in the World: US and Latin America at the Dawn of the Century

Emerging From Conflict Conference
February 21-23, 2002, Havana, Cuba

US-Cuba Policy and the National Interest:
Expanding the Dialogue

Emerging From Conflict Project
November 1, 2001, Washington, DC
January 2002, Washington, DC
February 2002, Los Angeles, CA

This project consists of a series of linked events to address key issues of US policy toward Cuba that are of concern to an increasing number of organizations, groups, and agencies.

Cuba and the United States in the World: Understanding the Practice of International Sanctions

Emerging From Conflict Conference
March 29-April 1, 2001, Seabrook Island, South Carolina

Changing Patterns of Regional Conflicts and US Relations

Panel at the 42nd Annual Convention of the International
Studies Association
February 20-24, 2001, Chicago, Illinois

Cuban and US Perspectives on Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era

Emerging From Conflict Conference
July 16-18, 2000, St. Paul, Minnesota

Cuba and the United States: Approaches to Engagement

Thirty-Ninth Strategy for Peace Conference
October 29-31, 1998, Warrenton, Virginia