Cuban and US Perspectives on Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era

Emerging From Conflict Conference
July 16-18, 2000
St. Paul, Minnesota

Conference Schedule and Agenda

Sunday, July 16

Reception and dinner

Monday, July 17

Session I: What Do We Know About the "Hows" and "Whys" of International Intervention?

Chair: Raymond Duvall
Presenters from Cuba: Roberto González Gómez, Miguel Alfonso Martínez
Presenters from US: Steve Livingston, Astri Suhrke

Session II: Comparative Cases: Haiti and Rwanda

Chair: Gabriel Pérez Tarrau
Presenters from US: Michael Barnett, August Nimtz
Presenters from Cuba: David González Lopez, Isabel Jaramillo Edwards

Tuesday, July 18

Session III: Comparative Cases: Kosovo/Bosnia and Comparison

Chair: Miguel Alfonso Martínez
Presenter from Cuba: Gabriel F. Pérez Tarrau
Presenter from US: Richard Bilder

Session IV: How Can the Consequences and Implications of International Intervention be Evaluated, and What are the Lessons and Remaining Issues?

Chair: Sherry Gray
Presenters from US: Janie Leatherman, Raymond D. Duvall
Presenters from Cuba: Miguel Alfonso Martínez, Gabriel F. Pérez Tarrau