How Should Cuba Fit in
US Strategy Formulation?

January 24-26, 2001
Airlie Center
Warrenton, Virginia

Project Description

The policy workshop will bring together a group of 25 experts to discuss the implications of the war on terrorism for US policy toward Cuba. The participants will think through the issues with the aim of developing a consensus on US-Cuba relations. Ambassador Sally Grooms Cowal of the Cuba Policy Foundation and Dr. C. Richard Nelson of the Atlantic Council of the United States will cochair the event.

The workshop will be broken down into a series of linked sessions, which will be directed by discussion leaders. The sessions will be focused on the following topics:

  • The new strategic context
  • Why Cuba matters: US interests and objectives
  • Key assumptions that underlie US geopolitical thinking
  • Existing US-Cuba relations
  • New options for consideration
The workshop is by invitation only and off the record. The findings from the workshop will contribute to the development of an unattributed policy bulletin to be published in the spring of 2002.