Securing the Third Border: Cuba, the Caribbean, and US Foreign Policy Options

Policy Forum
November 1, 2001
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Washington, DC


Panel 1: “Regional Impact of the September 11 Events: US Security Concerns”
Moderator:Thomaz Guedes da Costa, Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, National Defense University
Panel Speaker:James C. Cason, Policy Planning Coordination, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Department of State
Panel Speaker:Ivelaw L. Griffith, The Honors College, Florida International University
Panel 2: “Understanding the Current ‘Functional’ Security Relationship With Cuba”
Moderator:Mark Falcoff, America Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Panel Speaker:Randy Beardsworth, Caribbean Project, Georgetown University
Panel Speaker:Alberto Coll, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, US Naval War College
Panel 3: “Security Options for the Future”
Moderator:Susan Kaufman Purcell, The Americas Society
Panel Speaker:Richard A. Nuccio, Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy, Salve Regina University
Panel Speaker:Anthony Maingot, Florida International University