Cuba faces the extraordinary challenges of economic viability while a hostile bilateral relationship with the United States persists, and a mostly hostile émigré community lives, works, and expands only ninety miles away. The United States finds itself standing virtually alone in maintaining an economic embargo against Cuba, and this deserves consideration. Improvement of Cuban-US relations is perhaps more difficult in this situation than it was for Vietnam or China, both of which had the advantage of geographical distance and whose hostile émigré communities had mellowed over time.

The Stanley Foundation hopes to develop programs that will lead to the search for common ground with Cuba while promoting mutual and equal dialogue, expanded contacts, and improved communications and information-sharing toward the goal of a stronger political and economic relationship.

Most recent Projects

US-Cuba Policy and the National Interest:
Expanding the Dialogue

This project consists of a series of linked events to address key issues of US policy toward Cuba that are of concern to an increasing number of organizations, groups, and agencies.

Cuba and the United States in the World: US and Latin America at the Dawn of the Century