Cuba and the United States: Approaches to Engagement

Thirty-Ninth Strategy for Peace Conference
October 29-31, 1998
Airlie Center
Warrenton, Virginia


Walter Russell Mead, Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations

Rebecca O’Brien, Research Associate for US Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations

David Adams, Latin America Correspondent, Miami Bureau, St. Petersburg Times

Fulton Armstrong, Director, Inter-American Affairs, National Security Council

Francisco G. Aruca, President, Marazul Charters; President, Radio Progreso

Smith Bagley, President, Arca Foundation

Gillian Gunn Clissold, Director, The Caribbean Project, Center for Latin American Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Cristina Eguizabal, Program Officer, Human Rights and International Cooperation, Peace and Social Justice Program, The Ford Foundation

Damian J. Fernandez, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of International Relations, Florida International University

Mauricio A. Font, Director, Cuba Project, Queens College of the City University of New York

W. Bradford Gary, Member, Board of Directors, Medical Device Manufacturers Association

John S. Kavulich II, President, US-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, Inc.

Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Distinguished Service Professor of Economics and Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Richard A. Nuccio, Visiting Scholar, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

Marifeli Perez-Stable, Professor of Politics, Economics, and Society, State University of New York, Old Westbury

Susan Kaufman Purcell, Vice President, Americas Society

Michael E. Ranneberger, Director for Cuban Affairs, Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, US Department of State

Gail Reed, Journalist and Consultant Dagoberto Rodriguez, First Secretary, Cuban Interests Section

Kimberly Stanton, Consultant, Program on Global Security and Sustainability, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Julia Sweig, Senior Program Coordinator, Council on Foreign Relations

Thomas G. Wenski, President/Archdiosan Director, Catholic Charities, and Auxiliary Bishop of Miami

Robert E. White, President, Center for International Policy

Stanley Foundation Staff
Sherry Gray, Program Officer
Carol Matthews, Conference Management Director
Susan R. Moore, Conference Management Associate
Keith Porter, Producer, Common Ground
Mark Sidel, Senior Program Consultant
Richard H. Stanley, President
Joan Winship, Vice President

Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only. Participants attended as individuals rather than as representatives of their governments or organizations.